Great Breast Enlargement Tips

Breast enlargement has become a hot and very controversial topic recently.

The safety, procedures and alternatives tend to draw increasingly polarizing crowds.

Although there are completely natural bust enhancement techniques out there, surgery and implants still reign king as to the most popular ways to increase your breast size.

Unfortunate, because these tend not to be the best ways to do so.

They leave marks and look fake. They feel fake and are often accompanied by feelings of bottoming self-esteem.

Correlation is not causation in this instant.

Girls with low self-esteem receive implants. However, implants do not impose lowered self-esteem on a person.

I mean, that could be argued either way.

With that said, what are some ways girls can go about increasing their femininity without sacrificing authenticity or feeling the need to go through with surgical procedures?

Well, simple.

An optimization of hormones, strength exercises to tone up the chest muscles, and an overall healthy lifestyle that promotes estrogen and growth of breast cells.


Supplements can be of great help, also.

There are some that can stimulate and mimmick the stage a female goes through in puberty that stimulates the mammary glands and signal for breast growth.

The safety of such supplements tends to be pretty high, however, that’s not without some skeptics in the scientific community.

Which is always good. Anything that is not met with skepticism tends to be too good to be true.

I want to take a second here to make a point for estrogen.

There’s good estrogen and bad estrogen.

Good estrogen is awesome for women. It boosts sex drive, it increases femininity, can make your more curvalicious.

Bad estrogen is bad for everyone. It causes cancer, raises insulin chronically, and we all know the implications of that.

Good estrogen is found in healthy foods and the consumption of veggies can greatly aid such procedures. Veggies eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals in the body through Indole Carbinol 3 which is a great protein.

Bad estrogen is found in processed foods, soy, alcohol and things of that nature. Generally, things that taste good and “are fun”. Largely depending on your vantage point on life itself.

If you’re crushing it in life, things like veggies and fruits might come to be fun for you as they help you produce more and concentrate and focus better on your grind.

If you’re stuck at a lower paradigm of living, things like alcohol consumption and fast foods might be more appealing to you as they taste good and feel amazing in the moment.

At lower paradigms of consciousness, we’re not much preoccupied with the future. Since there is NO future, in our mind.

We want to be stimulated in the present moment. This is why things like drug addiction and other types of addictive behavior can happen.

Not because we have “addictive personalities” or that there’s anything wrong with us inherently. It’s just that we have no potential future to speak of.

We’re not Beyonce, we’re not Federer, we’re not Derek Jeter, or Michael Jordan so why not enjoy life in the moment and let it all go to waste.

Good questions that need to be answered.